24 Form Tai Chi Chuan: Frame & Martial Applications
Have you been considering taking up the graceful exercise art of Tai Chi? Now you can learn one of the basic Tai Chi forms in the comfort and privacy of your own home with this form which is also called 24 Simplified Tai Chi. .
Its is the perfect starter to learn Tai Chi Chuan.

Based on the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, its graceful and round movements are particularly recommended as soft fitness and may even help you to complement efficiently medical treatment.

24F Tai Chi Martial Applications: The  applications of 18 postures revealed.  Often underestimated by many authors, but with the explicit meaning of self-defense applications of Tai Chi movements, understanding these martial applications within your Tai Chi movements is the most effective way to grasp the original meaning of each posture, and also to deepen of your internal training,  as the real link between simply fitness aspects or taoist philosophical theories.

More than 260 color photos. Pdf file.

Table of contents

Editorial note

I Introduction to Taiji Quan simplified 24 Form
   I.1 Preliminary note
   I.2 Origin of Taiji Quan Simplified 24 Form
   I.3 About Taiji Quan
   I.4 Guiding Principles in Taiji Quan 

II Presentation of the authors:
   II.1 Chen Sitang
   II.2 Li Deyin 

III Step by step inTaiji Quan simplified 24 Form
        1. Starting Form
        2. Part the Wild Horse¡¯s Mane
        3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
        4. Right and Left Brush Knee and Twist Step
        5. Play the Lute
        6. Step Back and Whirl Arms
        7. Grasp the Peacock¡¯s Tail on the Left
        8. Grasp the Peacock¡¯s Tail on the Right
        9. Single Whip
       10. Wave Hands Like Clouds
       11. Single Whip
       12. Pat Horse from on High
       13. Kick with Right Heel
       14. Strike Opponent¡¯s Ears with Both Fists
       15. Turn and Kick with Left Heel
       16. Push Down and Stand on Left Leg
       17. Push Down and Stand on Right Leg
       18. Shuttle Back and Forth
       19. Needle at the Sea Bottom
       20. Flash Arms
       21. Turn Body and Punch
       22. Close up
       23. Cross Hands
       24. Finishing Form 

IV Martial applications of Tai Chi Chuan 24 form
   IV.1 Theories of Tai Chi Chuan attacks and defenses
   IV.2 Martial applications of Tai Chi Chuan 24 form

   The Complete Chart of Tai Chi Chuan 24 form

24 Form companion video:

Chen Sitan full 24 form demonstrations: one front view and one rear view. Mpg files. Fast download server.

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"I started 24 Taichi two years ago, I bought several DVDs but I did not found substantial elements on fighting applications, since I bought your e-book, it gave me a new light in my daily training, thanks a lot."
--- Maurice K. France ¨C October 2006

"I always thought that a DVD is the best way to start learning Tai Chi without any teacher beside, but your e-book is quite well done, even though I have already a DVD on 24 Form, I can view picture after picture, and I agree with Henry, the applications are precious in our training."
--- Peter W. Holland - October 2004

24 Form Tai Chi Chuan: Frame & Martial Applications 

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24 Form Tai Chi Chuan: Frame & Martial Applications ¡¡

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